First official blog post!

First official blog post!

So here it is, our first official blog post! A general chat about the season so far and a look to the future. 

This has been another challenging season for beekeepers in New Zealand. In short, the amount of nectar/honey flow is directly linked to the weather. It has been another season were the weather has reduced the amount of honey flow. Some areas have still produced but nationally its been tough. 

We have been fortunate in that early-ish in the season we predicted that we may have a short flow in the other areas we keep our bees and took the majority of our hives to Hawkes Bay to crop down there. Although it was still a reduced crop we have done really well and this is the honey that we are able to offer you.

One of the challenges we have set ourselves is to utilize as much from the hive that we can to create some amazing products. Firstly we wanted to utilize our wax to make some Beeswax wraps. We have spent many hours working on our recipe to get them just right. We have had some fantastic feedback on our wraps and will continue making these as we can.

Other products we have created recently are our line of infused honey. This is so exciting as there is so much room to experiment with flavour. We have been playing with infused honey for years, just keeping them for ourselves or as gifts to family. To be able now to offer these is really cool! Everyone  has been using our infused honey in cooking, baking, toppings etc. Its really rewarding to see you enjoying our products and it makes us really proud.

We have three new products coming in the near future that we cant talk about yet. We will be making up some Mothers Day  gift packs and will release these products at the same time. So exciting, we have been using these products and have fallen in love with them. Watch this space!! We also have plans on some new flavours for our infused honey as we head into the winter months.

The support and love we have had towards our small business has been amazing and we really thank everyone who has purchased from us and continue to purchase our products.

Matui Honey,

Dan, Sharon, Flynn and Darcy

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