Honeycomb approx  250gr    *2nds*
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Honeycomb approx 250gr *2nds*

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This honeycomb is our "seconds" option. We have reduced this item as it's not visually perfect, each comb may have slight variances, eg a few unfilled honey cells,  abit of runny honey throughout container, slightly lesser in weight etc

Please know this is still top quality fresh comb honey, it is simply not *perfect * visually.




Its finally here for everyone to enjoy! This is the time of year we all look forward too. Now is harvest time for comb honey.  collected from the hive only days ago, here it is packed and ready for you. Comb honey is in our opinion the best of the best as far as honey goes. If you want to really enjoy honey in its most natural form then this is it! Will jazz any platter or dish for sure!


Small disclaimer- we do our best to package the comb honey in a way that it wont get damaged. Due to the nature of comb honey being sealed by wax if damaged in transit it may leak a little honey inside the container. This wont effect the taste or flavour in any way.